Multiboxing software is an application or suite that makes multiboxing in an MMO, commonly World of Warcraft much easier and simpler then it might normally be. Without software or hardware to do this, you have to use multiple keyboards or attempt to switch windows fast enough to do combat. This is not a very efficient solution for multiboxing.

Traditional multiboxing involves one computer per multiboxed character, with expensive hardware to network it all together. Today most people can run multiple instances of WoW simultaneously on a single computer, and they don’t want to spend upwards of $5000 on a computer setup. For them, multiboxing software is perfect, and makes the process of managing multiple characters super easy and pain free.

The uses of multiboxing software are numerous, from resizing and switching windows to managing broadcast keys and graphical settings. Having control of your WoW windows in multiboxing software is very important, since screen real estate is valuable. More advanced multiboxing software lets you resize windows, have custom graphics settings for each, and have windows change size when you “focus” them.

Another important area of multiboxing software is keyboard or mouse “broadcasting”. This means sending your keystrokes or mouse movements to multiple windows. But for this to be effective you probably don’t want to broadcast some of your keys all the time. Most multiboxing software has controls to customize this for your perfect setup.

An interesting fact is that many people do not think that multiboxing with software is allowed in World of Warcraft, because of blizzard’s traditional stance on third party software. However, blizzard actually supports multiboxing, as long as you aren’t trying to automate it with a bot.

If you have decided you want to multibox you will have to choose which software to use. For a new multiboxer, keep in mind some software is very advanced and requires editing of scripts or files. I recommend simpler multiboxing solutions that still have the features that you need. Things to keep in mind when searching for multiboxing software is being able to configure windows, graphic settings, and finally mouse and keyboard broadcasting. These are the core features you need in good multiboxing software.